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Puglia Pooches | Val’s Diary | Caring for Stray and Abandoned Animals in Puglia | Page 5


Happy New Year

Well another year is almost upon us. The sun has set on a whole year but its about to rise on a brand new one. Mino and I would both like to wish everyone a very Happy,Healthy and Prosperous New Year,filled with loads of good luck for us all. Please don’t forget New Years Eve…

Merry Christmas And A Very Happy New Year

I am so sorry not to have been around of late.Things have been very tough going here for a while. I have had Mino off his feet and laid up for over six weeks.I am pleased to say he is finally on the mend. I also lost my beautiful big fat Minnie cat,whom I adored….

Goodbye To Our Dear Peggy

Its with much sadness I have to tell you our dear Peggy was put to sleep this evening. Further tests revealed she had luekemia and other things going on with her liver and kidneys. Our dear girl was dying, so as much as it hurt,we had to do what was best for her. I was…



Last week Peggy went off her food,I had a look in her mouth and noticed some pretty bad teeth,one was actually hanging on by a thread.Mino took her to the vets who extracted some teeth and cleaned up the others.On the way back from the vets,someone jumped a stop sign and crashed into Mino making…

Tuppence Dottie and Charlie

Tuppence was back to the Occulista this week. He said her eye had improved and there was no need for a further Grid Keratotomy,the proceedure he did last time. I still have to continue with the antibiotic cream for a while,but he also said there is no guarantee it will not return. Lets keep everything…

Tuppence at the Occulista

My dear sweet little Tuppence has this evening been to the occulista,she has been suffering with a sore eye for a couple of days. On examination,he diagnosed Recurrent Corneal Ulceration or an Indolent Ulcer… He went on to do a procedure on her called a grid keratotomy,which was pretty traumatic,he anethatised her eye and I…

Ellen will be going to a new home.

I am delighted to say Ellen is being adopted. She will  be going to live in Cornwall with my daughter and her family. Pip and Simon have known Ellen for some considerable time,and they are now in a posisition to take her. They have three cats,but no other dogs.  Ellen adores cats and has always…


Hello I am Zeb,short for Zebedee,cause I have a spring on my bum! I am a tiny little Miniature Pinscher ,whose owner didn’t want me,I was kept in a flat all day and never went out! I am staying here for a while with all these nice pals I have now got,and eventually I hope…

Our Nerina

It is with a very sad and  heavy heart, I have to tell you our little old girl Nerina was put to sleep this evening. She had suffered several seizures and the last couple she had not rallied around from. It was all too much for our old lady. Nerina was around 18 years old….