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Puglia Pooches | Val’s Diary | Caring for Stray and Abandoned Animals in Puglia | Page 25


Meet Patch. We have known Patch for more than three years. He is a stray dog that follows a local man around, this man does not really look after the dogs that seem to attach themselves to him. He is a poor simple man who can barely look after himself. We would often feed Patch for…

Well here is some good news for a change. My lovely big boy Bicki, has been rehomed. He has gone to live with Mino’s daughter in Genova, the north of Italy.

Manuela came to stay with us earlier in the year and fell in love with Bicki. She really wanted to take him home with her then, but she had holidays etc booked, so decided to wait.

So much has happened since I last wrote an entry.As many of you know, I had my lovely grandchildren here for three weeks for their summer holidays, we had a wonderful time with them, spent loads of time on the beach and just generally enjoyed them.

Nerina has taken her role very seriously, both she and the kitten think they belong together. It’s just amazing to watch.

A few days ago Peggy started bleeding badly from her nose. We know this is a direct result of leishmanoise, as we had experienced it with Bear. The bleeding was really bad, Mino had to inject her with Tranex, a medicine that stops bleeding. This happened several times and she lost lots of blood. She had been getting on so well, and looking so much better. Emily was so upset whilst this was happening, and would not leave Peggy’s side.

Whilst I was away in England, Mino found a little female pinscher, pretty poorly. Someone has dumped her due to her being sick.She is at least 8 years old. He took her to our vet, as she was so lethargic and had a very bad vaginal discharge. He operated straight away on her and did a…

It’s with great sadness I have to tell you that on 8th July, my dear little Titti died. She was by the side of the road and was knocked by a car, it all happened in seconds. Mino picked her up and she died in his arms. We are both shattered by this, she was so special. It happened whilst I was in England, and I hate myself for not being here.

Well it was wonderful. We all met up in Brockenhurst, there was Mandy and Harry (mandyandhazling), Lorraine (Boviboy), Lu (Daisiesmummy), Jess and Zoe (Zoepup) David, Purdey and Sarika (davidmh) and last but certainly not least Angela (dogwhisperer).

Dulcie’s Story

We dropped in at our local petrol station a couple of days ago with Tuppence and saw this tiny little dog. The owners of the petrol station told us she had been abandoned and they had been feeding her. They did not want to keep her as they already had two dogs . Tuppence had…