We had a bit of a scare yesterday, the company that provides web space for  seemed to disappear and took our website with them, not sure what happened, but am very pleased to say everything is ok and back to normal.

Puglia Pooches, caring for stray, sick and abandoned animals in PugliaYesterday we had Poppy spayed, thanks to Sue Protheroe (susie78 to DS members) who so very kindly paid for her operation. We cannot thank you enough Sue for all you have done for us. It is greatly appreciated.

Puglia Pooches, caring for stray, sick and abandoned animals in PugliaShe went in at 3 pm and we picked her up at 7pm, she was of course very quiet, but today she is looking good. She has her appetite back, which is always a good sign. Poppy is a stunningly beautiful dog. I do wish I could find her a nice home. She would make someone a wonderful pet. She has a lovely nature and is quite a character.

Puglia Pooches caring for sick stray and abandoned cats and dogs in Puglia
Yesterday,when we arrived home after being out for a short while, this is what we saw. Someone had ¬†dumped eight puppies in a crate outside of our back gate. We were horrified when we saw see this crate. Who ever had done it had had put a huge brick on top the crate, as it was broken, so the pups couldn’t get out.

Puglia Pooches caring for sick stray and abandoned dogs and cats in Puglia


An update on Ginger. Ginger was really poorly, and we both thought the medication for the fits was maybe too strong. After talking to the vet, he decided to lower the dosage to see if he became more steady on his feet and not so sleepy.

It has, to a degree worked, he is slightly better than he was. He certainly has had no more fits.

But Mino told me yesterday that the vet had told him, it was unlikely Ginger would get much better than he is, due to his heart complaint. Evidently, the equivalent in a human would mean a pacemaker. I am saddened by this news, as Ginger has always been so healthy, its just awful to see him so listless. His tail has always curled over his back, now its hanging down,although I do think it has come up a little since all this started, or is it my wishful thinking? You see him in these photo and he looks so different.Oh Ginger please get better.

Oh dear, I really think I am going crazy. With Dulcie in season, the dogs that are still intact, are driving us nuts. No one could begin to imagine how hard it is. We have 6 dogs that have not been neutured plus Rusty, who has only been done recently, so he still thinks he is in with a chance.Thank God it seems to have worked straight away with little Squirt.

Val and Clyde

Val and Clyde

Mino and I go everyday to this boy, Clyde we have named him. This is the dog that was dumped in an appalling state. We take him a big bowl of nice tasty food to try and fatten him up. He is still very thin, but has started to improve.

We wormed him and gave him a spot on to stop the parasites. Mino made him a little shelter. We try and spend a bit of time with him each day. He is so sweet, he hears us coming and is always so pleased to see us and of course is ready for his dinner!. He is not one of the prettiest dogs I have seen, but he is so affectionate. If only we could re home him, he would make someone a wonderful pet.We think he is less than a year old. It cracks me up each time I leave him. I wish i could bring you home boy, but I can’t.

I have quite a few things to tell you in this update. Firstly still no sign of Hutch or the young man’s pup. We still keep trying!

Today I felt so sad. We saw two new abandoned dogs, and I had the awful feeling that we passed the car that had just abandoned them. Of course, we could not be sure, but these two dogs were just stood looking at the car that had just driven off. One was a tiny dog, not very young either.

How can people do this, how can they sleep at night. How can they go to church on Sundays and profess to be a good Catholic, confessing all their sins. Does that make it better?? Remember the majority are Catholic in Italy. It just sickens me to the core.



I am so pleased,I went out on my bike this morning, and I found him. He was mooching about among the rocks on the beach. He looked at me as if to say, whats up with you!!. I nearly cried when I saw him. He is fine, there does not seem anything wrong with him. But he was very afraid, once he realised i wasn’t going to hurt him, he was ok.

Still no sign of his brother though, or the young man’s pup. Now I really do fear the worse for them both.

Today little Starsky has been injured. Hutch is still not around, so I must fear the worse. Starsky has either been knocked by a car, or attacked by a larger dog. Someone came to our house and told us he was hurt, so we went to try and find him. When we saw him he was very afraid, not like he was usually. Mino tried to pick him up but he scarpered. So at least he was moving. We have spent two hours this afternoon looking for him, but to no avail. Will try again tomorrow.



We decided to take Peggy this evening to have her bone marrow taken for analysis, to see if she has a tumor or not. Peggy has become so beautiful, her coat is so soft and lovely, amazing , if you remember how it was when she came to us. She still has the occasional episodes of bleeding though.

We should know the results within ten days.