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Puglia Pooches | Tuppence / Squirt / Sparky

Tuppence / Squirt / Sparky

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Three dogs to the vet yesterday,all for dental treatment..I was a nervous wreck,as all three are quite old.Sparky almost 15,Squirt 10,and Tuppence,who knows!! We only know we have had her 10 years and she was far from young when we rescued her. All three had to have heart checks last week to see they were up to the anesthetic,which thankfully they were. Still a worry though. I took them ,and was very pleasantly surprised ,the lady vet did not cage them,she had a walled in garden at the back of her practise,leading into a garage with a large crate with blankets which they could go in if they wanted to. It was a lovely sunny day,so I was very happy to leave them.

Mino went to pick them up later that evening. They were all rather wobbly. Tuppence had had 10 teeth out,Squirt

had had 6 out and Sparky 3,they had all been cleaned beautifully. We were very impressed with the vet. She had taken great care of them for us.

They were all pretty sleepy for the remainder of the evening,and this morning are all back to normal,all having had a nice bowl of pasta! Well we are in Italy!!

Sparky, a Puglia Pooch : caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

Squirt - a Puglia Pooch

Tuppence, a Puglia Pooch : caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

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