The Vets Visit

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Our Vet arrived bright and early on Saturday morning,she recieved a very warm welcome from all of the dogs,and one of the cats ,Nico,who had to keep getting in on the act !

The first to be examined was Janey,she thinks Janey’s turn was due to collic. Apparently when a dog gets collic,they produce gas,which can travel up to the brain and cause something like a mini stroke.Fortunatley this didnt last long,and Janey is back to her normal self and as right as rain.

Next up was Puppy Bill,she gave him a thorough checking over,his diarrhoea will be treated with a different medicine,she took bloods for various tests,and tested him for diabetes. He was such a good boy. His increasing frailness is just down to old age,nothing much to be done there.

Nipper was the next to be seen,he also suffers alot with  diarrhoea. She found he has an enlarged liver,which isnt good,more medicines for Nipper,and we will be keeping a close eye on him.

Rusty is another one who is begining to show his age,he is 12 now,and a huge dog.He has slowed up tremendously. He has been coughing a lot lately,the vet quickly diagnosed tracheobronchitis ,another name for kennel cough I believe. More meds!!  Again nothing to be done about the aging process.

Last up was Nana,he has for a while,had some trouble getting up from a lying posistion,and sitting,he is such a huge dog,sometimes we have to help him,and thats no easy feat I can tell you. Seems he has a problemwith his lower spine,the vet has prescibed some medicines that we hope will give him some relief from his pain,and help his mobility.

So all in all it was a very expensive morning. The Vet was amazing and gave us discount on her visit,but it was the medicines at the Farmacia that were horrendously expensive.

Here in Italy the vet gives you a prescription and you take it to the Pharmacy and buy it there.

If anyone would like to donate a little towards the medication,it would be very gratefully recieved.

Many many thanks Val X

This article was written by Val


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