The Puglia Chef in Suffolk

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Mino has recently returned from a trip to Woodbridge in Suffolk where he made a guest chef experience at The Table.  Mino commented “I am very grateful for the whole weekend – it combined my two passions of cooking and helping my dogs and cats.”

Read the write-up in the Woodbridge Times for the full story, and see the menu.

 The Menu

Carrellata di Antipasti
A taste of various antipasti from the sea and land

Pasta Fagioli e Cozze
Conchiglie with cannellini beans and mussels

Pesce all’Acqua Pazza
Fish Fillet in a herb and white wine sauce

Agnello al Vino Rosso
Diced leg of lamb in a rich red wine & herb sauce

Crostini Piccanti al Gorgonzola
Gorgonzola, chilli & herbs on toasted bread with a dash of oil

A duo of deserts, Zuccotto ( homemade ice cream cake) & Tiramisu

This article was written by Debbie Lane


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