The Cats



Meet Felix. Mino found him by the side of the road,as good as dead. He picked him up and put him on the front seat of the car, where the kitten never moved. When I saw him I thought he was dead! But slowly we nursed him back to health, although there remains something wrong with…


Hank, crossed the Rainbow Bridge, much loved Puglia Pussy

Meet my big beautiful Hank, he and Minnie are brother and sister. And yes, Hank rules the roost in this house. His first playmate was Sparky, as Sparky was only six months old, then he played with Puppy Bill, now it’s Squirt, they play and play. Squirt drags Hank along with his teeth. It’s so funny…


Beautiful Miccia, RIP, Puglia Pussy

This Is Miccia isn’t she beautiful, it’s hard to believe she was that funny looking weeny little thing taking up all my time a few short months ago. She is delightful, so affectionate. Both Tiggy and Miccia have been neutered and spayed. Update: We lost our beautiful little girl in July 2010, she was killed by a dog….


My beautiful Minnie, RIP Puglia Pussy,

This is our sweet and gorgeous Minnie she is so lovely, all fat and cuddly. The two of them are so good, with all the dogs we have brought into their home, and they are so close to each other. They will both give a dog a smack if needed. Where Hank plays with some of the…


Pallina - a Puglia Puss : Pugila Pooches caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

Here is our latest addition. Mino found this little kitten under the wheel arch of a car, which was about to drive off! She was only about three weeks old, she should have still been with her mummy. He brought her home, her eyes were so bad she could barely see out of them. A…



This is Sbirulino, he was found abandoned by his mother when he was just a couple of weeks old. We have bottle fed him and he is turning into a beautiful little kitten.There was a time when I did not think he would make it. But just look at him, he is gorgeous. Nerina became his…



Come and say hello to Tiggy. He and Miccia are brother and sister, they were abandoned outside of my very good friend Debbie’s house in early June, they were just a couple of weeks old. As Debbie already has over 20 cats, she asked if we would take these two. So we hand reared them, they…


Trilly : A Puglia Pooch Cat, caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

This is Trilly, she  was a skinny little grey kitten we were asked to take,in September 2011.  We thought we were going to lose her when we first had her. She started salivating, stopped eating and was very ill. Our vet kept her in for a week. Eventually she started to eat and is now full…


Puglia Pooches caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

This is Wilfie, he was the last arrival. Mino found him on the side of the road, he was about a month younger than Miccia and Tiggy. He is so sweet, but oh my, three kittens now tearing around!! Wilfie has yet to be neutered. Update : Wilfie has now been neutered.    


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