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Puglia Pooches | Rusty

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I was giving Rusty a cuddle yesterday,and discovered he had something growing on his eyelid. Mino took him off to the vets this morning,seems he has a small tumor, which has to come off. The vet seems to think it won’t be malignant, lets hope not, poor boy. Rusty is 13 now and a very…

The Vets Visit

Our Vet arrived bright and early on Saturday morning,she recieved a very warm welcome from all of the dogs,and one of the cats ,Nico,who had to keep getting in on the act ! The first to be examined was Janey,she thinks Janey’s turn was due to collic. Apparently when a dog gets collic,they produce gas,which…


Rusty was about six months old when he was dumped nearby where we live. We took him in, as he had very strange front legs, the joints were very large and knobbly, we thought he would have a problem with them as he grew. He didn’t, thankfully they are fine. He is over four now, and…