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Puglia Pooches | Pallina

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Pallina / Wilfie /

One of our little cats,Pallina,went missing a couple of weeks ago..We waited for her to come home every night,but she didn’t. We had almost given up hope,when one night ,two weeks after disappearing,there she was,skinny as anything,and absolutley starving hungry… We think she had been shut in somewhere for that amount of time. She never…


Pallina - a Puglia Puss : Pugila Pooches caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

Here is our latest addition. Mino found this little kitten under the wheel arch of a car, which was about to drive off! She was only about three weeks old, she should have still been with her mummy. He brought her home, her eyes were so bad she could barely see out of them. A…

A few short weeks ago, Mino was having a coffee in the small trattoria on the beach, close to where we live and saw a very small kitten climb under the wheel arch of someones car. He duly rescued it (the owner of the car not wanting to wait) and brought it home. She was…