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Three evenings ago, Janey became paraylised. Her back legs just gave way and would no longer work. She could only drag herself around. Until that time ,apart from a sore eye,she was perfectly fine. Due to the current lockdown,the vets were not working their normal hours, so Mino phoned ours and told him her condition….

The Vets Visit

Our Vet arrived bright and early on Saturday morning,she recieved a very warm welcome from all of the dogs,and one of the cats ,Nico,who had to keep getting in on the act ! The first to be examined was Janey,she thinks Janey’s turn was due to collic. Apparently when a dog gets collic,they produce gas,which…

Janey and Puppy Bill

Last night just after midnight,Janey had some sort of seizure,it was not an epileptic one as there was no involuntary movement,but she was very wobbly ,not being able to stand up properly,we settled her down on her bed,and all she could do was wag her tail when we said her name.After around twenty to thirty…


This is Janey, we found her starving not far from where we live, she had clearly recently had pups, which we eventually found. She had six, four males and two females, all identical. We brought them all home here with us, and after a few weeks the puppies went to a local kennel, who had homes…


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