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Puglia Pooches | cortisone

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Poor Charlie!

I was in my kitchen yesterday afternoon,Charlie and a few others were outside on the veranda, I heard what I thought was one of the dogs with their head in the food bag,I went out there and discovered it wasn’t that at all. It was Charlie,trying desperatley to stand up,the noise I heard was his…

Poppy, a much loved Puglia Pooch : Puglia Pooches, caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

It’s with a very heavy heart I must tell you,Poppy was put to sleep in the early hours of this morning. She remained completely paralysed,and began to have difficulty breathing,our poor little girl was dying before our eyes. Mino phoned our vet who suggested another cortisone injection, so at midnight he went out looking for…

Puglia Pooches : caring for abandoned, sick and stray animals in Puglia

Having just fed our dogs late this afternoon,Poppy and Ellen had a little set to,nothing major,but Poppy screamed and went down,hardly able to walk.She just could not move. We got her straight to our vet,who examined her,put her on a drip and gave her a massive dose of cortisone.She is completely paralyzed,our poor little girl.The…