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Barsy and Marina, Puglia Pooches

Barsy and Marina

Hello Everyone.

I expect most of you will remember Marina and Barsy, the two pups that went to London at the end of last summer, to their new loving family and their forever home. I have some awfully sad news about Marina. I received an email from Julia. I went cold as I read the first line. “I am afraid I have some terrible news. Last night our darling Marina died. We have no idea what happened and are utterly bereft, as is poor Barsy.”

Julia and her family are so upset, they adored these two dogs. They have no idea why she died, they did not want the trauma of a post mortem, and who can blame them. Their vet thought she might have been poisoned, or maybe it was her heart.

Julia went on to say “So sorry to bear the bad news but you were her second Mummy and need to know. You were so kind to her and I’m grateful that she had 18 months of joyous life that I am sure she would otherwise not have had.”  How very true. Julia has a summer residence here in the Salento, and the pups were taken in by her, but came to us for the period between getting them their passports and going to the UK. This happening is such a shame, and such a waste of a young life, I am sure she will be greatly missed. Bless you Sweet Marina X

Tuppence, a Puglia Pooch : caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia


Tuppence had her teeth cleaned yesterday, under sedation. I was not looking forward to it, as Tuppence does not do sedation very well. She hallucinates quite a bit when she is coming round. But it has to be done, dear little soul! She is a real spoilt little Mummies girl, and I love her to bits. She suffered so much before we had her, and after her ops for her leg, for me she deserves to be spoilt. (As they all do)

We picked her up from the vet and she was barely awake. She had to be kept really warm, it took ages to get her temperature back up to normal. She had a very good night though, being cuddled by me! And this morning I am happy to say she is fine and has eaten a hearty breakfast…..

Dottie - a Puglia Pooch : Puglia Pooches caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia


I am pleased to say Dottie’s eye is much better, she still has to have drops in her good eye and a gel in her bad eye, which she will have to have for the rest of her life. But she is happy and free from pain now, and plays most of the time with Abbie, they are extremely close.

Well my friends, must away, always plenty to do. Until the next time,


Val X


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This article was written by Val


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