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Puglia Pooches | Sparky ‘s Emergency Vets Visit

Sparky ‘s Emergency Vets Visit

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This evening about 6 pm,Sparky was sat on the bed with a few others and Mino. They all want to be next to him,Skinny became very jealous and snarled at Sparky,who fell off the bed. He screamed in pain.We picked him up,he was in lots of pain. Its always a fear we have,that he would break a leg,as Sparky had osteosarcoma almost 5 years ago and had a hind leg amputated. This was the front leg,same side.

We got him to the vets,who was dealing with an emergency,so we had to wait quite a while. He x rayed him,and thankfully nothing was broken,but he did see a dark shadow which could be the onset of another osteosarcoma,or just a bruise from the fall,we just have to wait and see. Sparky had an injection of anti inflammatory ,and is quite peaceful now. Its very difficult for him to do his business,as he can’t stand on the front leg. I have to hold him up with his hold em up harness.

We will keep you posted as to how he goes on.

Val X

This article was written by Val