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Sparky, a Puglia Pooch : Puglia Pooches, caring for abandoned, sick and stray animals in Puglia

Sparky was our 2nd dog. We found him in a small crate next door to where we lived, in Portugal. He was left without food or water for several days, apart from what we gave him. When we came home, Mino would let him out of this crate and leave him free for a while. The boy used to go crazy and jump around, licking us, then we would put him back before his owners returned. After four days without food or water, Mino took him. We kept him hidden for a few days, but the neighbours didn’t seem to notice that he wasn’t there. He was to become Mino’s soul mate. We had Sparky neutered.He is the Alpha dog of the household.

UPDATE: Our dear sweet Sparky has had a back leg amputated due to osteosarcoma (bone Cancer)

This article was written by Val