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Scruffy - a Puglia Pooch : Puglia Pooches, caring for abandoned, sick and stray animals in Puglia

Scruffy was dog number 7. He, Bessie and Bobby were three dogs that lived together. Their owner had died and his son was supposedly taking care of the dogs. He left the dogs in the old man’s house, which was practically falling down. They had to scavenge for food. Scruffy was a real challenge for me, he was unapproachable. I loved him at first sight and was determined to get close. Again, perseverance paid off, he used to come for food, but wait until we had gone before he ate it.  Slowly he became less afraid, until he was so friendly, we had to take him home with us!! We had four good years with him. He also had Leishmanoise, but was successfully cured, only to be killed on the road in February 2006. I miss my little boy till this day. I did not have Scruffy neutered, had I, he might still be alive today!


This article was written by Val