Puppy Bill ,Goodbye Our Beautiful Boy X

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Today we said goodbye to one of the most special dogs that will ever come our way. Puppy Bill was special in every way. When we rescued his Mum, Bessie,she was already in pup,and he and his siblings were born by the side of our bed on Minos birthday.
,I did not want to keep them,but Mino and Emily,our grandaughter ,conspired between them,and to cut a long story short,we kept Puppy Bill. Whom I came to love so much.
A few months ago, aged 14 he had a stroke,and slowly slowly went downhill from then on.
We kept him going with differnet medications etc,but gradually his quality of life became such that it was no longer kind to keep him going. Bless him,he had had enough,and we had to make that awful decision to end his suffering.
Bless you Bilbo ,I’ll never forget you,and how you used to run on the beach,always so full of life.
You have taken a chunk of our hearts with you.We will love you always . Sleep tight our boy xxxx

This article was written by Val


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