Poor Charlie!

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I was in my kitchen yesterday afternoon,Charlie and a few others were outside on the veranda, I heard what I thought was one of the dogs with their head in the food bag,I went out there and discovered it wasn’t that at all. It was Charlie,trying desperatley to stand up,the noise I heard was his claws scratching on the tiles,it appeared his back legs had gone..

Mino was just arriving home,between us we carried him indoors,no mean feat,as he is a big heavy dog.

We knew he needed to see the vet ASAP,after trying to calm him down,we managed to get him in a wheelbarrow,and pushed him to the van,we have a fairly long drive,and I knew I couldnt help carry him all that way.

Mino got him to the vet,and she gave him an injection of cortisone. She said it was his arthritis,and he would be walking again by today,and I am very pleased to say he is. We were so worried,we really thought his legs had gone. He has a course of cortisone to take,and various other meds.

Oh Charlie,so far this year has not really been your year my friend,has it ??

Fingers crossed he will keep improving. The meds for his heart worm are working well,and he is so much better on that front.

Way to go Chas !!

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