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Puglia Pooches | Pooch


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Pooch was our 3rd dog. He was abandoned outside of our place. He didn’t look one bit like a poodle, he was filthy dirty, his coat was long and matted, and he was full of ticks.We took him straight to the vets for a check up. In Portugal they automatically do a test for heartworm which unfortunately was positive. He was duly treated and a month and €350 later was cured, apart from taking heart tablets for life….. It had left him with an enlarged heart which has affected him for the last three years, leaving him with bronchitis, sometimes chronic and twice he has had bronchial pneumonia. But we have a wonderful vet here, and he has saved his life twice. Pooch is on permanent medication. He takes five different lots, twice a day, so costs a small fortune. He is a real Mummy’s boy, and I am his life. He wants nothing more than to be where I am. I adore him. We are as one! Our vet in Portugal advised us not to have him neutered as his heart was not up to it.

Update,My Darling Boy went to sleep in my arms on June 13th 2011, he had liver cancer. I miss him so much, it makes me ill. I love you Poo, always will X

This article was written by Val