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Puglia Pooches | Pallina / Wilfie /

Pallina / Wilfie /

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One of our little cats,Pallina,went missing a couple of weeks ago..We waited for her to come home every night,but she didn’t. We had almost given up hope,when one night ,two weeks after disappearing,there she was,skinny as anything,and absolutley starving hungry… We think she had been shut in somewhere for that amount of time. She never moved outside of our house for over 24 hours,just sleeping and feeding.

The trouble with cats is,unlike dogs,you cannot be behind them all the time,and cats will roam. So we just keep our fingers crossed she does not get caught in the same place twice!!

Wilfie,also went on the wander,the same night Pallina came back,he stayed out,and he was out for three nights,when he came back yesterday,he looked very strange,his tail and back end was very wet. After closer inspection we could see that he was constantly dripping urine… He looked unwell,you could see it in his eyes,my poor little boy,what ever had happened to him ?

Mino took him off to the vet,turns out he had a bladder stone,she gave him a couple of injections and by the time he got back here he was looking a little better. We have to continue giving him injections twice a day.He is still leaking,but lets hope he gets over this soon. He is drinking loads of water, but not eating,come on Wilfie,you can do this !

This article was written by Val