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Nana : Puglia Pooches caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

Oh what a Christmas !! On Christmas Eve evening,Nana had to be rushed to an emergency vet with a suspected twisted stomach,he was pacing and panting and could not settle,trying to vomit,but not bringing anything up.. We then noticed his stomach was distended. Being Christmas Eve at 10 PM,there was only one vets open for emergencies. He was given an xray and  It was indeed a twisted stomach,so he had to have surgery immediatley,as this is life threatening.

He duly had the operation,and was kept in for two nights,Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,and we were allowed to bring him home on Boxing Day. He was not in a good way,he wanted to keep drinking,but as the vet had told us he must not drink too much,we gave him a little and took the rest up. By the next morning,he could not stand ,poor boy was in an awful state. We took him back to the vets who put him on a drip,took further xrays,and gave him an ultra sound. In my mind they had simply sent him home too soon. It showed up that Nana had a lot of liquid in his stomach.

They then emptied his stomach,and showed us 3/4 of a bucketful,with what they said was blood in it.Stating that Nana had an ulcer caused by the cortisone he had been given. They kept Nana in again.

We did not think five days of cortisone would cause an ulcer. When we got home I noticed after a while,Nana had been so thirsty ,he had drunk from a flower pot in the garden that had rain water in it,I had missed this when taking up their water. This was what the coloration was,earth,not blood !

Mino phoned the vets and told them this,but they continued to treat him for an ulcer. The next morning Mino went to the vets to see Nana,he was being kept in a cramped cage,so he decided there and then to take him out of this vets and take him to another one. Trying to get him out was awful,as he could not stand. He eventually got him to another clinic amd it was discovered Nana was paraylised in both front legs.

We brought him home,and our own vet paid him a visit. She is sure Nana had a stroke brought on by the operation on Christmas Eve.,and wanted to try some different therapy. As Nana is not in any pain we decided to give it a try. I have to say,it does not seem to be working. He has started to eat a little but he remains unable to move. I fear my next update will not be a happy one.

Best Wishes  Val X


This article was written by Val


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