Mino’s Puppy Trip To England

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Mino’s Puppy Trip To England

Last night, in bed, I lay awake thinking about  my trip to England. To be honest, I never stop thinking and worrying about this and  what could go wrong, but last night I had a bit of inventory on what happened till now.

Let’s see….

We found Lala and the puppies towards the end of January. When I saw  Lala wounded on each side of her body I inquired  with a resident in Torre Rinalda (our local beach)  and found out she had puppies. They where in a holiday house, and she wounded herself squeezing thru the bar of the gate to go in and out to feed them.

We decided, then, to take mother and litter home, and give them a bit of comfort whilst she was feeding then to give the puppies to the kennel, after the mother feeding time, to give them for adoption.

But as they grew, Val couldn’t help herself to share the picture of them on F/B and all our friend were happy to follow their progress. At this point my wife Val, had the wonderful idea to ask if somebody would give them a lovely home. We had two people that wanted the pups,so Val and her friend Debbie decided to do the trip together.

Nothing wrong with that. Val and Deb would have a nice trip and see some of their friends and know the puppies new owners, etc. etc…..

But, as the time went by, we re homed more,and then all the pups,too many for Debbie to take in her car,so Val and I decided to buy a van and I would go to England, so I could have a couple of session working, again, “At The Table” restaurant in Suffolk, earning some money, and bring some shopping from our friend as well. That would help towards the trip expenses.

So I borrowed some money to buy a van, but I would borrow too much for a decent one, so I opt from a one OK, not taking in account all the miles I had to do. for once I acted stupidly, I didn’t think long enough, I was excited surely, and I didn’t  want to ask for more to whom lent me the money. I found what I was looking for and asked my brother to help me to check on the van ….Wrong, He knew less than me!  So I found out the vehicle had few things wrong. Beside the bump on the side, the one on the front (minor) and the age, things I accepted, come out other extra expenses which put me out of pocket big time, and that are:

The dashboard light and the windscreen wipes and water spray nonexistent. So was not possible to check speed, fuel,temp, at night time and in case of mud, couldn’t be possible to wash the windscreen.

The sit-belt attachment in the rear six sit, missing.

The oil stick to check the oil level, inappropriate, was from another car and couldn’t reach the oil in the oil cup.

The shock absorber broken and the rubber cup from both wheel shaft split.

The clutch on is way, in need of replacement.

The exhaust had a hole.

That on top the usual oil, cam belt, air,oil and fuel filter change.

All that put us on 1243,45 out of budget, which took me to squeeze last cent from my  household budget, and I had to borrow more money from our friend to face the extra cost!

Fortunately I had already made the shopping to bring to England, so my friend doesn’t need to be worried.

I will pay back some money on my return, cashing up from my friend shopping and my work!

One thing is for sure, the van has to work in summer to pay back what I invested on it, and after I will give in part exchange for a newer model. Never more I will buy a vehicle without a (true) mechanic looking at it. No more “Fly by night” know all…..and over all…no more puppy’s brought abroad (if i can help)!!!!



Love you all


This article was written by Val


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