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Puglia Pooches | Lily


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LillyIn April 2015,a beautiful yellow labrador arrived here,she was to become a very firm favourite with Mino,he adored her. We called her Lily,had her spayed and she settled in like she had lived here all her life.She became best friends with Skinny.

I was taken into hospital in April 2016,it was a dreadful day,one I will remember for the rest of my life,when Mino came to visit me that evening,he had some awful news,Skinny had eaten a slug pellet and had almost died,he rushed him to the vets,he was having convulsions.The vet kept him in,and when Mino got back from the vet,he found Lily dead in the garden. His first thought was some of the large dogs had attacked her,but what I think happened,is that she also ate a slug pellet and was not so lucky as Skinny. Mino was devestated,it took him a long time to get over that. Skinny eventually made a full recovery,and I am pleased to say is back to his mischeivious self.



This article was written by Val