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Puglia Pooches | Lala


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Lala in the gardenMeet Lala,

Lala was found by the beach not far from us,we could see she had recently had puppies,but were unsure where they were. We followed her,and she led us to them,she had squeezed through a gate of an empty villa,and had hidden her puppies in the garden. Neither Mino or I could get over the gate,so a young woman came with us to help us,she was very agile and climbed over and brought out six puppies,one by one. Lala was very good and did not mind us handling them.

We brought them all back home with us,and were very lucky to find all the pups their forever homes in the UK. A great big thank you to all of you that adopted one.Lala's Pups

This article was written by Val