Love You Lala

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Love You Lala

Anyone who loves animals,knows how painful it is to say that final farewell to a beloved pet. It’s so so difficult.
We view them as family members and treat them as such. My gorgeous Lala was no exception.
We rescued Lala and her six pups from an empty villa by the beach,where she had found a spot to have her puppies. We brought her back here to our home,and found wonderful homes for all her babies in the UK.
Lala developed mammary cancer, despite having an operation to remove the tumours,it was too late,the cancer had spread.
She went downhill very fast. I had to watch my beautiful girl fading before my eyes. It’s hard to imagine that at the end of May,she was playing ball in the garden,with my granddaughter Scarlett.
This evening the vet came to our home to end her suffering. The last voice she would have heard was mine,telling her how much I loved her.She was no more than 7 years old,that’s so unfair,she should have had years left.
I was honoured that it was me she chose to be so faithful to.She followed me everywhere,she was my shadow,and if I went out she waited by the gate for my return
I loved her so much ,and will miss her greatly.
Sleep tight my precious little girl 💔💔💔
So much sadness lately 😢

This article was written by Val


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