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Lady - our first dog

Lady – our first dog

Lady was our 1st dog. We found her in a communal rubbish bin, when we lived in the Algarve. A friend of ours tried to take her, but she was unapproachable, she growled and snarled at him. When I got close to her, she rolled on her back and let me rub her belly. I picked her up and we put her in our car. When we arrived at home, I put her in the bath, she was so good. From that moment on she would not leave my side. If I moved she moved. She followed me everywhere, and she still does. She is my angel. She will always remain numero uno! We had Lady spayed not too long after we had her.

UPDATE: My sweet girl has an inoperable tumor on her muzzle, I treasure every day I have with Lady, as we do not know how long she has left with us.

FURTHER UPDATE: Lady lost her battle today 22/08/2012. She was so brave, she fought a long and hard battle. My heart is breaking. God bless you darling, run free with Pooie and Titti. You have left an enormous hole in my heart. XX

This article was written by Val