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Puglia Pooches | Janey and Puppy Bill

Janey and Puppy Bill

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Last night just after midnight,Janey had some sort of seizure,it was not an epileptic one as there was no involuntary movement,but she was very wobbly ,not being able to stand up properly,we settled her down on her bed,and all she could do was wag her tail when we said her name.After around twenty to thirty minutes she began to  be much better, and slept the remainder of the night.

Dear Janey has always been such a healthy dog,never had a days illness,in the seven years we have had her. It was such a shock to see her like that.

This morning,Janey seems as right as rain. Our vet is doing a home visit tomorrow morning,so will be checked out to see if there is any underlying cause for what happened.

Puppy Bill has got increasingly frail over the last few months,he is thirteen and a half now,and is really showing his age,he has become incontinent,he cannot control his bowels. Our vet may be able to prescribe him something,when she checks him out tomorrow,I certainly hope so. Poor little boy.Its so very difficult to watch them getting old. We think he also has a bit of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome,doggy dementia. Which is a condition related to aging.So sad.I will let you all know how things progress.

Val X

This article was written by Val