We have been fortunate to have been able to re home quite a few of the abandoned dogs and puppies that we have found ,along the way,we know its not always possible for people to adopt one,so how about sponsoring one instead. Choose the one you would like to sponsor and help in that way. Your money will go towards helping all those in our care. The knowledge that you are helping all these animals in need, will be rewarding in its self.There is no set amount for a sponsorship,you give as much as you feel you can,through a monthly standing order.

Ideally we would like to find homes for the strays, as more and more English speakers make Puglia their home, hopefully we will find homes for some. In the mean time, we and our friends take in as many as we can and we feed and provide medical care for those we can’t, making their lives better. Sponsoring a particular animal would help us to feed and provide medical care, as well as having the animal neutered . In the long term neutering would decrease the problem. If you would like to sponsor a particular cat or dog please contact us.

Click on the image to see who sponsors our dogs.

If you would like to sponsor an animal please go to the contact us page where you can send us an email.

Buying from Amazon – click here to help us to help the animals. It costs you nothing extra and we get a small commission on everything you buy.

Reuben : Sponsered by Malcolm Rutter and Sarah Mann

Chuck: Sponsored by Libby Edwards

Carina: Sponsored by Sarah Mann


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