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RIP Hank, crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Meet my big beautiful Hank, he and Minnie are brother and sister. And yes, Hank rules the roost in this house. His first playmate was Sparky, as Sparky was only six months old, then he played with Puppy Bill, now it’s Squirt, they play and play. Squirt drags Hank along with his teeth. It’s so funny to watch them rolling around together. I am sure Hank thinks he is a dog!

In April 2008, Hank was hit by a car, and suffered a punctured lung from a broken rib, and a broken tail, which he had amputated. I am pleased to say he is fine again after a worrying time with him.

Update: Hank was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and has been very poorly,but at this moment seems stabilised. So we are sincerely hoping he will be OK.

Further Update: Our wonderful boy,was killed on the road on June 5th 2011 Bless you Sweetheart XX

This article was written by Val


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