Goodbye Sweet Charlie Boy

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Charlie Boy

Charlie was no more than 18 months old when he found us. He had been abandoned with a broken back leg. At that time we lived opposite the beach, and used to walk all our dogs there early morning, Charlie would appear from nowhere, and play and run with the others, after a short time, we took him home with us and had his leg operated on. He fitted in really well, he and Rusty would escape and take themselves off to the beach, have a swim, then come home again.

Today we said a very sad and tearful goodbye to  Charlie. He had suffered with arthritis for some time, he had a stroke two years ago and recovered from it. He was 16 years old and had a fabulous life with us.  But the arthritis sadly became worse and he began to suffer, it got to the stage when he could no longer get up on his own and had become incontinent. He was 16 years old.
Dearly loved, he will be greatly missed. He was a very special dog for Mino, they loved each other so much. As long as Charlie had Mino in his sight he was ok, when he couldn’t see him, we all knew about it.
We used to call Gyp, Charlie’s sidekick, Gyp followed Charlie everywhere. We wonder what he’s going to do without him.
Sleep tight our lovely black boy. And run like the wind 💨. We will never ever forget you boy😢😢😢😢

This article was written by Val


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