Goodbye Sir Rusty

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Goodbye Sir Rusty


On Thursday we made the very difficult decision to end Rusty’s suffering. He was a very elderly gentleman,for such a large dog. He was 15 years old, which for such a huge dog is an immense age. He had been  in our lives for 14 1/2 years. One Sunday morning in 2005 I went to the market,which was just at the end of our road. I saw this puppy, with this huge long tail that touched the ground. I came back home with him.
Rusty was an amazing dog, a one in a million. He became the alpha dog, and remained the alpha dog till he died..

He  was an amazing dog, Such a huge boy,but such a gentle boy. Of late, it had become very difficult for him to get up, his joints had worn out.Because of this he had also become doubly incontinent.
We kept him going as long as we possibly could, but the decision had to be made, the decision that was best for him.

We loved you so much Rusty, you were such a beauty. You will be sadly missed by all who knew you.

This article was written by Val


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