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Puglia Pooches | Ellen


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Ellen is a female with a lot of Dalmation in her. She is delightful. In May 2010 we found her and her sister/mother not far from where we live. They had made their home besides some wheelie bins on an old mattress. Mino would go and feed them daily, and as the  summer drew on  he would go three times a day with water.The older dog had clearly had puppies quite recently, but we never found them. We continued with our daily visits, the dogs were always so pleased to see us. We called them Alice and Ellen, as they looked like twins,and Alice and Ellen were a famous twins, a variety act here during the 60′ and 70’s. One day when we went Ellen was on her own, no sign of Alice. We looked all over the place for her, I can only hope someone took her, if she had died to the road, we never found her body. Ellen started doing something quite out of character for her, she started running after our car. So we ended up bringing her home, she is a delightful dog, probably only a year old.We now need to find Ellen a forever home.

Update: Ellen has be re homed to my daughter and her family who live in Cornwall,she is in seventh heaven!

This article was written by Val