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We dropped in at our local petrol station a couple of days ago with Tuppence and saw this tiny little dog. The owners of the petrol station told us she had been abandoned and they had been feeding her. They did not want to keep her as they already had two dogs . Tuppence had a lovely time playing with her.

We thought we knew someone who would like her, as the young woman who worked in our local shop had told us she wanted a small dog. So we put her in our car and took her to see this girl. She saw her and said she liked her but would let us know the next day as she had to talk to her partner.

We were then undecided whether to take her back to the petrol station or keep her until the next day, we decided on taking her back rather than trying to introduce her into so many dogs just for one night.

We were both unsure we were doing the right thing.

The results of a small dog's road accident

The next day whilst on my own here, a chap turned up in a car and called me out, he had on his back seat this same little dog and her back foot was all mangled and bloody. I felt so sick.  Had we kept her here this would not have happened.

He could not tell me what had happened , he said she was ok,  then suddenly they all noticed her leg. It’s pretty obviously a car, but how it happened we shall never know.

Dulcie, a road injured Puglia Pooch : Puglia Pooches, caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia


The little girl now has a name, we call her Dulcie.

Mino took Dulcie, the little girl, to our vet , it’s a real mess. He examined her foot. We have a wonderful cream to put into the wound three times a day, but if the foot has not turned red by Tuesday, it’s black at the moment, he will have to amputate it. Also it is most probably broken in many places. She is so brave. What rotten luck is that. Mino has beaten himself up all day because he thinks it’s his fault because we never kept her at home.


Although the vets tried very hard Dulcie had to have her leg amputated,  it was such a shame. She has recovered well from her operation and despite getting a slight infection in her wound, is running around on three legs and is coping well.  A few months later we had Dulcie spayed, courtesy of Angela Rain (Dogwhisperer to DS members).


Dulcie, an abandoned Puglia Pooch, Puglia Pooches caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia


It’s with great sadness I have to tell you that little Dulcie was taken from us on 8th March 2009, she was suffering from gastroenterisits and never recovered. Dulcie was only a year old. She was ill for four days, our vets did all they could to save her, but it was not to be. We shall miss you so much Dulcie, all your funny little ways,and how you used to run like the wind,on your three legs. Goodnight sweetheart sleep tight.

This article was written by Val


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