Every dog and cat for that matter get the best chance of a life free of cruelty, neglect, hunger or abandonment when they come through the gates of Puglia Pooches which is also Val and Minos full time home.  A very busy place but filled with humour and love. The couple give everything to their animals.

Bernadette Sweetman

They give everything to their animals

Val and Mino Mazzotta are two of the most exceptional people I have ever met in my life. They have dedicated their lives now to helping care for, re-home and love some of the hundreds of thousands of dogs in desperate need of care and loving homes, not only here, but shamefully all over the world.

Liz Tonkin

Exceptional people

Without any financial support and only relying on donations, Val and Mino have dedicated their lives to make a real difference for the dogs and cats, often going without themselves because of the huge vet bills required to look after the often sick animals. At the time we made our visit to help groom the dogs, there was a critically ill dog called Rags, he required a drip and constant care as he had a rare and dangerous infection, the vets were unsure if he would make it. Rags had to be separated from the other dogs as it was contagious. Val and Mino took it in turns to sit with Rags talking to him and encouraging him to be strong.


Dedicating their lives

Val and Mino have knowledge and skills when dealing with the sick and injured dogs that I have never seen before in “non professional” animal carers. It rapidly became obvious to us both, that any money Val and Mino have is spent firstly on their own dogs and cats, then on any strays they can help, and finally on themselves.

Ali Montgomery

Caring for so many

They have sacrificed their lives for these dogs. Feeding time can be difficult as not everyone eats the same meal and they all eat in separate places! Lady and Sparky have raw meat and cooked vegetables, which Nonna cooks daily for them because of their cancer, so they eat in another room. Rusty, Charlie, Lupo, Paddy and Nana eat outside in the garden. Peggy, Janey, Poppy, Gyp, Ellen and Puppy Bill eat on the veranda and the rest eat inside.

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A Message from Emily

What is immediately very apparent is how devoted Val and Mino are to the dogs and how devoted the dogs are to Val and Mino, This is their total lifestyle. What becomes obvious after a few days is just how much they have given up. They cannot ever go on holiday together, if one goes away for a few days the other is run ragged coping on their own, nobody is capable of taking over even for a couple of days, believe me I thought about it and discounted it even though I would have loved to give them a break. The dogs are amazing, so friendly and so loving. It is difficult to leave and not take at least a couple with you.

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The devotion of Val and Mino