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Dottie, a Puglia Pooch : Puglia Pooches, caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia


Dottie wa found abandonded by the side of a main road,with a green stick fracture to her bacl leg,she was about four months old. We took her home,had her leg mended,and the rest is history,whoever could have dumped such a beautiful little girl? There loss was our gain,Dottie is beautiful.Such a gentle little creature…Dottie : A Puglia Pooch

For a short while now, we have thought thats Dottie’s eyesight was not quite right. We were worried as Dottie has had previous problems with her eyes and had an operation last year.

We took her to the occulist and after a very thorough examination, he discovered the pressure in her good eye was extremely high. Consequently making her sight unclear. She was immediately put on drops, two different ones. Such tiny bottles, but hugely expensive. She has to return to see him again at the end of this week, when he will take the pressure again, to see that it’s going down. The good news is, the eye she had the operation on is fine!

Its always a problem when we have to take Dottie to the vet, as she doesn’t like the car, and starts vomiting. Probably need to take her in it more often and she may get used to it. I know some don’t ever. Ginger  never liked travelling either.


This article was written by Val


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