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If you are a former Doggy Snaps member you might be interested in this.

Malcolm Rutter (sponsor of Paddy) has made a very nice illustrated book with photos of DS members and their dogs (including “Angels”).  He has kindly done it so that Puglia Pooches receives the profit from the sales. The book is done beautifully.

He has now started on volume 2 as the first one was very popular, and he still has room in this second book for more kennels from our DS days. He is just waiting for your email!  Don’t be shy!  You can get in touch with him through Facebook or email him on

Any former DS members are welcome

You can see the book here. Please have a look!

Doggy Snaps Book - profits help the Puglia Pooches

The Book


Thank you so much Malcolm for wanting to help us.

Many thanks Val X

This article was written by Val


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