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Oh what a month March has been for us! Seems to be one thing after another. Four ECG’s ,three operations for dental work, Paddy with injuries after his fight with Lupo and Nana,and now probably the worse of all,our poor old Charlie has been diagnosed with heart worm!

For those of you that are not familar with it,heart worm (Filaria,which you dont get in the UK)  can only be caused by a mosquito.If an infected mosquito bites the dog,the larvae travel through the blood stream and  lodge in the heart, lungs, and surrounding blood vessels and begin reproducing.This can be potentially fatal if not treated,as the worms clog up the heart,and the dog will die.

There are very little symptoms in the early stages of this horrid disease.Hopefully Charlie’s has been caught early enough,and he can survive this.

He is on lots of very expensive medications and we are struggling,and we need a bit of help,after so much has been paid out this month alone. If anyone could help,it would be very gratefully recieved.Thank you so much in advance.

Please remember if you are travelling abroad with your dog,get it protected ,but also remember nothing is 100% as Charlie has always had protection!!

Val X

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