Charlie and Rusty

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Charlie sponsored by Sue & Keith Protheroe

Charlie sponsored by Sue & Keith Protheroe

Last week Charlie became ill,he had awful diarrhoea and started to drool excessively. Mino was on his own here as I was in the UK for a short visit. He took him to an emegency vet,who diagnosed gastroenteritis,she put him on a drip,and Mino had to leave him there overnight. He was so worried about him,dreading a phone call telling him the worse. When the vet did phone,it was to say Charlie had some how got out of his crate and was wandering around the practice,and seemed very much improved. He has medication and special food ,and seems to have made a remarkable recovery.Well done Charlie,keep up the good work !

Sponsored by Sue Draper

Rusty sponsored by Sue Draper

Yesterday Rusty became unwell,completley different from Charlie,he had been a little off his food for a couple of days,and a wee bit lethargic,but yesterday was noticeably unwell.I noticed his breathing had changed and then Mino realised he was unable to pass urine. Straight off to the vets,who catheretized him,and empted his bladder,which had blood in it.He had a temperature of 41 degs..The vet thinks he has urethral stones  She has given him all sorts of meds,and if he hadnt peed by this morning,was to go straight back,but I am pleased to say,he has peed,several times !!.. He is still very lethargic,but has eaten .So we are hoping he will soon be back to normal,and it turns out to be nothing sinister..

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