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Night Night Nipper

Its with great sadness I have to tell you Nipper passed away yesterday 04/08/19 He had been gravely ill for a while and whilst the vet thought he would make a recovery, I didn’t . Little Nipper, was one of those dogs who caused us no trouble what so ever. He rocked up at our…

Love You Lala

Anyone who loves animals,knows how painful it is to say that final farewell to a beloved pet. It’s so so difficult. We view them as family members and treat them as such. My gorgeous Lala was no exception. We rescued Lala and her six pups from an empty villa by the beach,where she had found…

Goodbye Flossie

What a shock this morning to wake up and find our dear little old girl Flossie had passed in her sleep. Yesterday she was fine apart from being elderly ! Thirteen years ago, I was out riding my bike ,and I witnessed Flossie being attacked by several large dogs, of course I intervened, and in…

Sparky - a Puglia Pooch

Our darling little boy has gone to his final resting place,Sparky you were such a trooper,you were so brave.. The hardest part of having a dog is having to say goodbye. Sparky went to sleep in my arms with me telling him how much we loved him.We could not allow him to suffer ! Our…


Yesterday Nipper paid a visit to the vet. It transpires he has a tumour on his willy ! Poor little chap. He is on antibiotics for a week to try and take away the inflamation ,then he will be operated on to remove it. So lets hope for a good outcome. We dont know how…

Happy New Year 2019

As we draw to the end of December, I’m reflecting on what a year we have had…2018 has not been a good year for us. None of us know whats round the corner.The .loss of my brother,the loss of three of our dogs,then Charlies stroke.And thats just the major things! We are truly lucky to…

Merry Christmas From Puglia Pooches

This Christmas,We wish you all the best gifts in life – The gift of happiness The gift of love The gift of peace Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We wish you happiness and peace,not just at Christmas,but through the entire year, From Val, Mino and All the Pooches & Pussies.        



We took Chuck in the summer of 2018,as his owner had died,and the man’s son could not keep him. Such a dear little boy. He is so affectionate,and is full of fun.Chuck is three years old.


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