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Puglia Pooches | Val

Author archive: Val

Happy New Year 2019

As we draw to the end of December, I’m reflecting on what a year we have had…2018 has not been a good year for us. None of us know whats round the corner.The .loss of my brother,the loss of three of our dogs,then Charlies stroke.And thats just the major things! We are truly lucky to…

Merry Christmas From Puglia Pooches

This Christmas,We wish you all the best gifts in life – The gift of happiness The gift of love The gift of peace Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We wish you happiness and peace,not just at Christmas,but through the entire year, From Val, Mino and All the Pooches & Pussies.        



We took Chuck in the summer of 2018,as his owner had died,and the man’s son could not keep him. Such a dear little boy. He is so affectionate,and is full of fun.Chuck is three years old.

With Christmas just around the corner,if you are buying from Amazon,please please,do it throug this Puglia Pooches website. Just click on the Amazon banner,and it takes you straight through to Amazon,you dont have to do anything further,only shop. Amazon then makes small amount of commission to us.It costs you nothing extra,but mounts up and goes…


Our hearts are broken as we let you know that our beloved little Tuppence made her final journey a couple of days ago.. She had been having seizures for a few weeks,and her little heart was in a very bad way. She was getting progressivley slower and slower,and in the last couple of days could…



Reuben belonged to our neighbours. Back in January 2018 ,the neighbours came to Mino because they thought there was something wrong with him,because he was unable to move hardly at all.. Mino took him to the vet and after an xray it was discovered he had a broken pelvis. It was thought he had been…

Puppy Bill ,Goodbye Our Beautiful Boy X

Today we said goodbye to one of the most special dogs that will ever come our way. Puppy Bill was special in every way. When we rescued his Mum, Bessie,she was already in pup,and he and his siblings were born by the side of our bed on Minos birthday. ,I did not want to keep…

Puppy Bill

Poor Puppy Bill has had trouble standing of late. I thought his poor old back legs could no longer hold him up,but on closer inspection,found he had a swollen,angry looking back paw,almost certainly caused by a grass seed.He had one in his ear this time last year. Never a year goes by when one of…

Help for Puppy Bill

    Please can you help? We are trying to raise the money for a Help’EmUp harness for Puppy Bill,as he keeps slipping down on our tiled floor,as he has become very frail over the last few months,and one of these would be so helpful for him and us. But they are rather expensive, so…

Happy Easter

We would like to wish all our sponsors,donators and friends, a very Happy Easter. We hope you have a great time over the Bank Holiday Weekend (with loads of chocolate) Thank you for your continued support !