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Nana : Puglia Pooches caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia


Here is a message from Pat who has recently been here and seen first hand the work we do.


“We recently had the pleasure of spending 2 weeks in Puglia. We had a great holiday but the best thing was catching up with my old friends Val and Mino.
We had lost touch for many years but nothing had changed. We had spent the last year catching up on line and I could not believe they were now spending all their time and money looking after 28 rescue dogs.

Puglia Pooches : Caring for stray and abandoned animals in Pugla

Puglia Pooches at home

Arriving at the airport was an experience, Val had been in the UK and travelled to Puglia with us, Mino turned up at the airport in a medium sized car to collect 3 adults with luggage and brought 3 dogs with him!!

Well arriving at their place in Puglia is unbelievable, 26 dogs (2 had been re-homed just before we arrived) greeting you at the gate is like nothing else I have ever experienced. Big dogs, small dogs and everything in between but all of them over the moon to see Val and Mino home.

What is immediately very apparent is how devoted Val and Mino are to the dogs and how devoted the dogs are to Val and Mino, This is their total lifestyle. What becomes obvious after a few days is just how much they have given up. They cannot ever go on holiday together, if one goes away for a few days the other is run ragged coping on their own, nobody is capable of taking over even for a couple of days, believe me I thought about it and discounted it even though I would have loved to give them a break. The dogs are amazing, so friendly and so loving. It is difficult to leave and not take at least a couple with you.
What has to remain paramount when you visit www.pugliapooches.eu is that this place is run on a shoestring and donations. These guys will put the dogs before themselves and any donations make a massive difference so whatever you can give believe me makes a big difference.

I cannot wait to go back, obviously to spend time with my lovely friends Val and Mino, but I also cannot wait to see Nana, Rusty, Charlie Tuppence Janey Lady and Piccina. All the dogs were a pleasure to spend time with. I could name all 26 but they know who they are.

Thanks for listening. Pat and Stuart.

This article was written by Val


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