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Emily, helping Puglia Pooches to help abandoned and stray animals in Puglia


Hi Everyone.

My name is Emily, Val and Mino’s granddaughter. As some of you may know I’ve just spent some time with them and all of the animals in Italy. When they lived in England they ran a successful restaurant together in Highcliffe. They then moved to Portugal where they found Lady, their first dog. When I was younger,myself and my brother Harry used to spend all our summer holidays with them.

It’s quite eye opening the way the continental people treat animals abroad… it’s nothing like England. By the time they decided to move to the south of Italy they had 8 dogs from Portugal and 2 cats. They now have around 23 dogs and 5 cats, They have sacrificed their lives for these dogs. Feeding time can be difficult as not everyone eats the same meal and they all eat in separate places! Lady and Sparky have raw meat and cooked vegetables, which Nonna cooks daily for them because of their cancer, so they eat in another room. Rusty, Charlie, Lupo, Paddy and Nana eat outside in the garden. Peggy, Janey, Poppy, Gyp, Ellen and Puppy Bill eat on the veranda and the rest eat inside. There are a few of them who can’t eat the biscuits without something on it such as veg or gravy e.g. Peggy and Nerina as they are old and have few teeth. When the big dogs know its nearly feeding time they bark and bark! Nothing can stop them! Even going out and leaving the house is hard to do as the dogs need to be in certain places (inside, in the garden or on the veranda) to ensure nothing will happen whilst they are out. Thisis the main reason why they don’t go out together very often… I’m very proud of my Grandparents for doing what they do and they both cope very well. However, feeding this many animals everyday must be difficult to afford. They appreciate all of the donations and sponsors they get from every one of you as it helps them pay for food and vets bills which they would be unable to afford if it wasn’t for you. Thank you.


On Holiday with the Puglia Pooches : caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

Emily on holiday with the Puglia Pooches

This article was written by Val


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