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Puglia Pooches | A further update

A further update

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Mino's Mum

Mino’s Mum

Well I have just started on my second session of Chemotherapy, the first was not nice, but if it gets no worse than that, then I shall be able to cope (with Mino’s help of course, couldn’t have done any of this without him!)

It has been a very sad week for us, Mino’s Mum has passed away after battling with cancer and she finally lost the fight. She was a Lady in a million and will be greatly missed by many. She bore 15 children, Mino being the eldest, he had a very special bond with his Mamma, as there was only 18 years between them. She was also a wonderful mother in law to me.

This is her at her birthday party in July of this year cutting her cake.Bless you Mamma X

Now the animals. Firstly I am pleased to say Minnie cat is back to full health. I was rather worried about her at one point, but glad to say everything is now fine.

Well time is marching on, 3 more months and Rags and Pino will be embarking on their adventure to the UK, they are ready to go mid February, then Barsy and Marina will follow in April.

Teddy - a Puglia Pooch


More good news, a friend of ours who has a holiday home near us, has decided to adopt Teddy and take him back to the UK to join her Golden Retriever, Gavi.

Liz has known Teddy for several years, and he has always been a favourite of hers. This year her daughter met him for the first time and fell in love with him.  He is such a character its hard not to. So he has begun his pet passport. Way to go Ted!

We are still desperate to find homes for several of our dogs, as since I have been ill, we have realised just how much work it is, especially for one (Mino) whilst I am laid up. So this is why we need to re-home more. If anyone is interested, please contact me. It really isn’t too difficult to get a dog into the UK.

Again many thanks for your support through a very difficult time for me.

Val X

This article was written by Val