Goodbye Little Sparky

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Our darling little boy has gone to his final resting place,Sparky you were such a trooper,you were so brave..
The hardest part of having a dog is having to say goodbye.
Sparky went to sleep in my arms with me telling him how much we loved him.We could not allow him to suffer !
Our lights have gone out today ! No more will I touch your lovely silky fur.
But how lucky we were to have had you in our lives for almost 17 years,you were so full of love.
I remember how we saved you as a puppy in Portugal,well we stole you really,Mino just opened the small wire run you were locked up in and out you bounced! You became Mino’s soul mate.
How you used to pester poor Lady,she didn’t like you much,till finally one day she realised that playing wasn’t so bad after all,from that day on you became best friends,always playing.
You were our second rescue dog,our last remaining Portuguese dog.
I guess we don’t really own a dog,we rent them,and with Sparky we must be thankful we had such a long lease.
I should know enough about loss to realise that you never really stop missing someone .You just learn to live with the huge gaping whole of their absence.
Sparky had his back leg amputated back in 2012,due to osteosarcoma,bone cancer,his prognosis was not good,but he defied the odds and went on for another 7 years.
Sleep tight our little darling boy. We loved you so much X

This article was written by Val


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