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Sparky, a Puglia Pooch : caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

Sparky in plaster

Our poor little Sparky has a broken ankle, all this time we (vets included) thought it was his knee. He has had two previous operations on his knee, this is the reason we all thought the same. But it turns out our boy has broken his ankle. He is now in plaster, and it has to be on for six weeks. It will then be reviewed to see if he needs a operation.  It’s hoped it will knit together and mend, but I think it is most likely he will have to have pins and a plate, like Tupppence.

He is also quite a bit overweight, which doesn’t help him. He has been on a “diet” now for over three weeks. He has lost 1/2 oz!  Poor Sparky, it’s a bit of a catch 22, he can’t do much exercise because of his little leg! Come on Sparks,we are rooting for you!


Trilly, a Puglia Pussy : Puglia Pooches, caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia


We had our little Trilly kitten spayed last week, thanks very much to Debbie and Bob who sponsored her operation. She is doing fine, it always amazes me how quickly animals get over these things.

Next week it’s the turn of Abbie, she is booked in to be spayed. She has turned into such a lovely young lady, but for some reason seems to be afraid of people. Should anyone come here,she just disappears.

Here she is with her friend Poppy (on the left). All the dogs love her. Even big Nana here on the right, plays with her.



Abbie and Poppy, Puglia Pooches : caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

Abbie and Poppy


Abbie and Nanna, Puglia Pooches : caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

Abbie and Nana













It’s quite cold here, so Minnie Cat tries to find the warmest spot, I think she has found it, cuddled up between Ellen and Peggy ! In fact to say it’s quite cold is a bit of an understatement, the whole of Italy is under heavy snow, but somehow we have escaped it. It’s got down as far as Bari, which around 1 1/2 hours drive from us. But we have had over a week of heavy rain,and  we are all fed up with it!!!


Millie, Ellen and Poppy - Puglia Pooches and Pussies - caring for stray and abandoned animals in Puglia

Minne, Ellen and Poppy

Well until the next time please remember these few words

If you can’t adopt – foster…
If you can’t foster – sponsor…
If you can’t sponsor – volunteer…
If you can’t volunteer – donate…

Best Wishes

Val X

This article was written by Val


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