Slide and cats in Puglia Val and Mino care for stray and abandoned dogs

Val, who is English, and her husband Mino moved to Puglia from the Algarve in Portugal in February 2005. They first started rescuing and caring for stray and abandoned dogs and cats when they were living in Portugal. After five days on the road in two vehicles with 8 dogs and 2 cats they arrived in Puglia where they have continued to help the dogs and cats whenever necessary. Mino has now added caring for a flock of doves at their home, feeding them every morning and evening.

If you would like to know how you can help Val and Mino in their continuing quest to care for so many animals you can make a donation by clicking on the paw button that you will find in various place. 0 foot of this page. Check out the How you can help page to find other ways to help the rescued animals, including making free donations when shopping online. If you have other ideas for fund-raising to help Puglia Pooches you can contact Val by clicking on one of the social icons in the top right-hand corner or by using the contact us page.

Puglia Pooches

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